Kiteboarding school:

Cursurile noastre de kiteboarding se ţin pe Lacul Fundata, lângă Slobozia, la Marea Neagră sau în Grecia şi/sau Turcia.

Toţi instructorii noștri şi instructorii colaboratori sunt acreditaţi şi afiliaţi IKO cu mulţi ani de experienţă in acest sport.

Important: Deoarece practicarea kiteboardingului depinde de condiţiile meteo (vânt, maree, valuri) toate cursurile se vor şine DOAR în condiţii favorabile.. Pentru grupuri putem organiza excursii în străinatate pentru invaţarea kiteboardingului (Grecia, Turcia). Bineinţeles, fiecare elev va trebui sa işi acopere costurile de transport şi cazare.

La sfârşitul cursului, fiecare elev va primi certificarea IKO, valabilă oriunde în lume.

The classes are divided into two separate levels, in which, among 7-9 hours, divided in 3-4 days, the student will learn the followings:

Kiteboarder Level 1 (2-3 hours)

Level 1A
• Know safe wind directions and conditions for kiting
• Know hazards on a spot
• Set up a trainer kite
• Know the use of safety systems

Level 1B
• Have basic flying skills with trainer kite
• Launch and land the trainer kite with an assistant
• Twist and untwist the lines while flying the kite
• Walk and change directions while flying the kite
• Know the wind window

Level 1C
• Set-up a 4/5 line kite with a full de-power system
• Pre-flight check of equipment and settings
• In flight check of equipment and settings
• Understand and use the international communication signals
• Launch and land the kite to an assistant and as an assistant (4/5-line de-power kite)

Level 1D
• Control the kite hooked into the harness
• Understand the de-power system and can use the safety systems
• Advanced flying skills with the de-power kite
• Show full control of de-power systems in flight

Level 1E
• Pull quick release and activate leash
• Recover the bar and kite
• Self land

Kiteboarder Level 2 in the water (6-7 hours)

Level 2F
• Enter and exit the water independently and safely while controlling the kite
• Water re-launch the kite
• First body drag downwind
• Maintain correct kite position in the wind window
• Change direction to the left and right while body dragging
• Recover the kite and bar in the water

Level 2G
• Upwind body drag to recover board
• Upwind body drag holding the board with one hand
• Enter and exit at the same point while upwind body dragging

Level 2H
• Know the power stroke for a water start
• Know the safety rules and theory for water start
• Can put the board on the feet and maintain the correct position for water start

Level 2I
• Water starts in both directions and ride a short distance
• Come to a controlled stop
• Understand weather forecast, tidal  and wind effects
• Determine the wind strength, direction and quality
• Know the right of way rules
• Know equipment set up and choice according to the weather conditions

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Wakeboarding school

Wakeboarding is by far one of the coolest water sports available. It adds a fun twist to water-skiing and is fairly easy to learn. It is especially easy for people with skateboarding, surfing, or snowboarding experience. To get started all you need is a wakeboard, pulling rope, and a boat. These are usually rented out together with a driver.
Wakeboarding is one of the best cardio and strength exercises available as it works most of your muscles: legs, upper body, abdomen...etc. Although most people think that the pressure on the arms is extreme, in reality you have your arms outstretched and therefore are not constantly pulling yourself such as in a pull-up.

One of the best things about wakeboarding instead of water-skiing is the ability to jump high in the air. Jumping on a wakeboard is very cool and easy, all you have to do is exit the wake and then cut rapidly into the wake and your speed will do the rest. The only big caution is that you should ALWAYS wear a life vest.

Our  Wakeboarding School is located on Snagov Lake, 38 km from Bucharest. For this season we are organizing FREE Discovery lessons, in which you will have the chance to learn the Introductory elements of this sport. Nevertheless, as our boats are still running on petrol, you will have to pay for it.


Our affiliate instructors will present you a short theoretical introduction that will include all the Safety regulations, the Basics techniques. It will also help you to determine your board size, stance and foot you should use forward. After that you will have the chance to give it a try.  For all students a helmet and a lifejacket will be provided.

Important: Students under 18 years old will have to be accompanied by an adult (parent).

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