Our fidelity program is specially conceived for you to benefit from discounts and sales: we know that every dime counts, so we prepared for you a lot of benefits.

1. When creating an account, the system will offer you a number of welcome points. You can find these points in your account. Also, on your birthday, you provided us the birth date, we will send you a small gift.

2.  When subscribing to our newsletter, you will also receive an in-store voucher.

3. Do not be surprised if, sometimes, you will receive a gift coupon, a discount card, or a fidelity voucher.

4. More than that, for every purchase you make, both on our online or retail shop, the system will allocate you a number of valuable points that can be used for future shopping.

3. When you buy from us, and after you make a recommendation on your Facebook page, a review of the product or you recommend us to a new customer, you will also receive valuable points.

IMPORTANT! All your value points have limited validity, so do not forget to use them!




You want to buy a gift for your surfer friend, but you have no idea what to get. Now is easy, buy a Gift Voucher and he will be able to buy whatever he needs from our shop.

The vouchers, discount cards, and coupons can have different values and limited validity, that can go over 90 days. Also, they are not refundable. But the good news is that they can be used both in our online and retail shop.

The vouchers are non-refundable.

If an order was paid with a voucher, we can not offer a refund if the vouchers were already processed.